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SaintLukas: did matt leave my ebow in the USA or take it with him?

mmkpetrowski: I think he took it...but I'll check in the bag of guitar goodies that are in the apartment tonight

SaintLukas: sweet thx

mmkpetrowski: you're gonna have to kill him

SaintLukas: yup. i'm gonna have to call my irish republican army friends

mmkpetrowski: nice

SaintLukas: if you dont see the ebow just send me something else of his and i'll hold it hostage

mmkpetrowski: he's got 4 kids

mmkpetrowski: it'd be a worthy trade

SaintLukas: totally

SaintLukas: he left the kids with his guitar stuff in the closet?

mmkpetrowski: couldn't afford to ship over his new amp and all the kids

SaintLukas: oh yeah, a man's gotta make a choice sometimes

mmkpetrowski: so he traded a plane ticket (for one of the kids) in for a newer amp, and made some cash on the deal

SaintLukas: all in the service of his art

mmkpetrowski: its ok b/c the kid is working here, and you know.. the nickel an hour adds up until he can fly home in the next couple of years

SaintLukas: hah! dude you are awesome. i'm posting this whole thing to my blog

mmkpetrowski: nice

mmkpetrowski: becca will kill me

SaintLukas: she'll never know

SaintLukas: that he doesnt make more money than that

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