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Well, I finally have time to write. I wonder if I really have anything to say. I hope I do! I better have something to say, because Billy Bob Thorton does, or at least he thinks he does. I was watching profiles on the Bravo Channel. It was all about Billy Bob and his career as an actor, and now director. His comment was that he made movies because he "had something to say!" However, I saw All The Pretty Horses, and my question is, "Billy, what are you trying to say?" Take your time, think about it and get back to me once you read this. I'm curious! Now back to me. What makes what I have to say important to anyone else? Is it a group of people who share similar interests? How about people who grew up like I did. They view their father the way I view my father. They only have one sibling. They have lived in over 30 different places in less than 26 years. I'm sure those kids would at least use my material for bathroom reading. oh well, I was taught never to depise the day of small beginnings. I'm sure at least one reader out their discovered their love for john Grisham or Stephen King after their stomach informed them it was not ready to share the same living space as the recently consumed Pad Thai. Or maybe there something else that assures you that you have somethihng to say. Exhibit A: Stephen Spielberg. That man has something to say and most of us are lined up like ...... well, i guess my attempt at giving an illustration of something worth lining up for, in expectation, failed. Nothing that came to mind seemd worthy of what my initial intention in using the illustration had in mind. I hope I'm not the only one confused here. I should stop now, but I'll press on. You may not be finished in the bathroom just yet. So, stephen Spielberg. I think many could agree that he eventually had to come the realization that people were listening to what he had to say. Close Encouters, ET, Schindler's List, saving Private Ryan, Amistad. AI, Jurassic Park, Color Pruple........... Gotta go but I'll continue

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