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computer things 1. blogger was down yesterday for a while. took me forever to get that roy clark post to go up. 2. shortly after blogger came back online, gmail seemed to be out. this was around 4:00 or 5:00pm, if i recall correctly. it was still out of service last night at midnight, and this morning at 5:30. when i arrived at the office this morning it seemed to have just come back online, because my gmail notifier icon started showing me the new messages (mostly comments from this blog) as if they had just come in. 3. iTunes gave me a 3 minute sampler track from the new REM album, featuring a handful of 30 second snippets. REM sounds just like REM, they are suprisingly consistent. i've never been a huge fan, but i like having them on the radio i suppose. 4. by the way, i still have some gmail invites. i think everyone does by now though. first come first serve. that is a sentence that appears to lack a verb. perhaps it should read "the first person to come forward with the desire to recieve shall be the first person to be served a gmail invitation." is invite even supposed to be a noun? shouldn't it be invitation? 5. its too darn early to be at work.

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