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SaintLukas: i want a donut CelticPiping: "" SaintLukas: but there are no donuts to be had SaintLukas: we need a vaccuum tube system from D&D to here SaintLukas: put your dollar in the little cannister, and a post it note that says "boston creme" SaintLukas: ZZZHHWWWOOOOP donut! CelticPiping: "lol" SaintLukas: thats such a good idea, it needs to be blogged. CelticPiping: :-D CelticPiping: prolly wouldnt go so good w/the power ones tho CelticPiping: they'd all come back as plain SaintLukas: they put the donuts in the cannister SaintLukas: to protect them from the wind-tunnel stripping away the frosting CelticPiping: & folks would run scared, thinkin there's been a terorist attack of white powdery stuff CelticPiping: oh, cool SaintLukas: yeah, donuts without cannisters would be messy CelticPiping: yeah, cool tho SaintLukas: bavarian creme gumming up the works SaintLukas: maybe a donut air cannon, just fire them off....but my office doesnt have a window, so that wouldnt help me much CelticPiping: nice CelticPiping: thats what interns are for SaintLukas: intern! my donut, quickly! SaintLukas: i need to get me one of them, then CelticPiping: yes! CelticPiping: ebay.com SaintLukas: quickly robin, to the bat-donut! we haven't a moment to lose! CelticPiping: lol SaintLukas: robin was an intern CelticPiping: yeah man CelticPiping: w/queer boots SaintLukas: company uniform. be glad you dont have that yet CelticPiping: "lol x2" CelticPiping: "commodore Shmidlap" SaintLukas: "attention all staff. beginning monday, the new dress code will be in effect. suit coat, tie, and queer boots" CelticPiping: :-D CelticPiping: feel free to quote on that one SaintLukas: we should specify, in case this ends up on the blog, that the emphasis is on "queer BOOTS" not "QUEER boots" SaintLukas: totally different thing there CelticPiping: saw that comin SaintLukas: yep SaintLukas: gotta be all friendly-like CelticPiping: mhm SaintLukas: whats a commodore shmidlap? CelticPiping: dude in batman show who gets thunked & played by penguin SaintLukas: ahh nice SaintLukas: looking it up SaintLukas: http://www.kiddiematinee.com/b-batman.html SaintLukas: i was watching the dvd you guys gave me, the other day. commentary is great. Adam West is such a cool guy. He thought the show was a riot. CelticPiping: thats the one we have SaintLukas: he kept saying "i love the theatre of the absurd" or something CelticPiping: you didnt get it for levi, did ya? CelticPiping: freakin hillarious SaintLukas: the one with all the badguys in it together? SaintLukas: no, you got it for me CelticPiping: yeah! CelticPiping: oh CelticPiping: we have it too! SaintLukas: its actually funnier with the commentary SaintLukas: nice! CelticPiping: "somedays you just can't get rid of a bomb" CelticPiping: great CelticPiping: marching band on the dock!!!!! SaintLukas: yeah!

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