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Road Trip Tonight we drive up to Boston for the World Series Victory Parade. Its a beautiful thing. I'll be back tomorrow night, with memory cards and Hi-8 tape full of digital images, some still, some moving, of the mayhem. I'm very excited. In the meantime, here's a good quote: "The pundits who have said we will lose interest in the Red Sox now that they have won it all are wrong. We never loved baseball in this town for the championships. No one ever became a Red Sox fan so they could boast or brag or thump their chest. That's why people become Yankees fans. We are Red Sox fans because it is fun, because it unites us in a common purpose and gives our whole community, the whole of Red Sox nation, a shared experience. Yes, we wanted to win the World Series, we wanted it more than anything else in the world. But it was never the prospect of winning the World Series that made Jose love this team and love the game. Winning the World Series is like eating your birthday cake and discovering a thick wad of $100 bills in the middle of it. It is the spectacular, overwhelming surprise that takes something good, something very good, and makes it something incomparable." See you later.

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