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Holy Cow OK you guys, this is seriously the most awesome thing under the category of Nerdery that I have seen in a long time. It is so cool that I almost didn't share it, because I want to keep it all for myself. Google is now available via test message (SMS) from your cell phone. Send a text message that says "pizza 19018", or substitute your own zipcode for that number, to 46645 (spells "googl"), and you will get back a message with addresses and numbers for pizza places in your zip code. I've tested it to find a starbucks ("starbucks 19018", and looked up my neighbors phone number (first and last name, zip code). I'm sure I'll try doing some other things with it too, like getting sports scores or more phone numbers. I pre-purchase text messaging monthly at 100 msgs for $5, hopefully I wont use them up dorking around with this. Information here. Thanks to MobileWhack for the heads up.

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