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AGRO78: "Most pitchers in Schilling's position would want to do everything they can to maintain such a roll. Not Schilling. He'll be upset with himself if he can't reach back for a little more, beginning Tuesday against a very tough Anaheim lineup. "I think, starting [Tuesday], you have to be better than you were. I have always felt like that," said Schilling. "I have always felt like I needed to be better than I was over the previous six months." SaintLukas: he is what they need. some maturity, good attitude SaintLukas: pedro is a punk and a princess AGRO78: he is a princess SaintLukas: manny is awesome but he is layed back, not really a team leader AGRO78: Tek is good AGRO78: they are a solid team SaintLukas: yeah totally SaintLukas: good guys in every place it matters AGRO78: yep SaintLukas: any one of them could bust out this fall, carry the weight AGRO78: got great infielders AGRO78: man I am getting excited AGRO78: and its only game one SaintLukas: yeah its the beginning of what matters AGRO78: if they win ,,, what do we do? SaintLukas: i know. i was just sayin that to someone yesterday. it will remove the whole boston thing AGRO78: it might get awkward AGRO78: its almost like they want the drama, and mystery SaintLukas: yeah heheh it will be the biggest party in sports history, but then next year we'll be like "huh?" SaintLukas: right totally AGRO78: well,, it will be a big party SaintLukas: nobody you know has been a boston fan without that sort of heartache and storytelling along with it AGRO78: boston will be a mess AGRO78: like 3 million old men will die SaintLukas: hahah SaintLukas: but die happy AGRO78: because they are now happy SaintLukas: yeah AGRO78: exactly SaintLukas: i want to go to the parade if they win AGRO78: heeeellll yeah SaintLukas: i think every city should have a parade AGRO78: lol AGRO78: it will be a national holiday AGRO78: and that kids is the day the sox won the world series AGRO78: :-D SaintLukas: yeah everyone stays home from school SaintLukas: my kids will never understand the way we watched the sox SaintLukas: it wont ever be the same AGRO78: it can't AGRO78: are we robbing them? SaintLukas: yeah totally AGRO78: see its gonna feel all weird AGRO78: this is a disturbing situation, SaintLukas: needs to be when i have kids, they are old enough to watch them lose a couple times AGRO78: I think I now know, they cannot win SaintLukas: i know SaintLukas: i'm the same way. i almost dont want them to win. i mean, you have to want them to win, but you dont want to lose the best annual story in all the major sports AGRO78: man AGRO78: what a situation SaintLukas: no joke AGRO78: a quandry SaintLukas: you cant have hope for something better if they are at the top of the heap AGRO78: whats left? AGRO78: soccer? SaintLukas: but seriously, if they win your head is going to explode with excitement and it will be the biggest thing SaintLukas: lol SaintLukas: Curling AGRO78: men will cry AGRO78: old men will cry SaintLukas: yeah AGRO78: many beers will be had

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