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CelticPiping: sup doode SaintLukas: oh man CelticPiping: but itchy? SaintLukas: someone's head needs to be rolled around here CelticPiping: uhoh SaintLukas: got paged last night about users not able to re-login after reboot...i call IS: SaintLukas: "someone inadvertantly applied a new network policy" CelticPiping: niiiice SaintLukas: so all the passwords are reset, havoc ensues CelticPiping: cool policy SaintLukas: PLUS SaintLukas: we have 20 machines in our ER, and another 20 in the one down the road that all use the same username/login, as shared workstations. 15 different people maybe be using the same application within an hour SaintLukas: and the policy LOCKS THE ACCOUNT if you try and log on more than one... CelticPiping: wow, whatever happend to tTESTING SaintLukas: the guy says "well tell them to use their own accounts, thats what its for"...noone here has an account of their own, the nurses use these shared stations, knucklehead CelticPiping: we might be screwed up here, but we do test SaintLukas: i betcha he thought he was testing when he applied it CelticPiping: sweet SaintLukas: it wasn't supposed to be rolled out, noone was expecting it CelticPiping: you need a new policy guy SaintLukas: yeah CelticPiping: what the hek kinda policy was he tryin to push out!! SaintLukas: i should put in a service request "when that guy is drawn and quartered, our department has requested the lower right quadrant" CelticPiping: sweet!! CelticPiping: lol CelticPiping: blog em SaintLukas: so i was at home, had to get a nurse on the line with the IS guy, have them log one machine in, reset the account, log another machine in, repeat SaintLukas: and i just told 'em "Dont log your machines off ever again until we get this straightened out" SaintLukas: called IS this morning, "due to high call volume, we can't take your call" they aren't even putting people on hold CelticPiping: @#$% SaintLukas: yeah

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