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SaintLukas: sorry, couldnt pay attention CelticPiping: i see SaintLukas: still cant. SaintLukas: speakin ofLets go ride our bikes! CelticPiping: phat bottomed girls CelticPiping: o wait SaintLukas: ? CelticPiping: nvmd CelticPiping: pls, nvmd CelticPiping: brb CelticPiping: corraot cake!!! SaintLukas: you're better off just tellin me why you said that, give my imagination a rest. CelticPiping: it's a Queen song SaintLukas: ahh nice CelticPiping: it was in response to a bicycle thing u said SaintLukas: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Arena/4268/ fatbottomedgirls.txt SaintLukas: confirmed! CelticPiping: O:-) SaintLukas: lol SaintLukas: that was great though CelticPiping: thank God for google SaintLukas: your whole "pls forget that" just made it so much better

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