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Thought: A wrong philosophy can be like a friend you thought was a friend, but really never was. In the end this “friend” turns around and sinks a dagger in your back. And then you have to wonder, what kind of friend could do such a thing. This truly could never have been a friend at all. All along this was someone who hated you from the beginning and masked that sinister front in order to find an opportune moment to supply you with maximum humiliation and destruction. Another option would be someone who starts out with sincere intentions of supplying all the requirements of friendship, but once it becomes evident that you both will leave the other with unmet expectations and needs, takes the fragile remains of your already vulnerable heart, incinerates them in unquenchable fire of self-preservation, and dumps the ashes in the toilet and doesn’t bother to flush. An errant philosophy could be either. One assumption to be made here is that there could be such a thing as a philosophy that is wrong. Perhaps if nothing else can prove this, the fact that most people have had their hearts impaled with the dagger of a friend’s wounds could. Like a child diving off a stage into a father’s waiting arms, most of think our friends will catch us. Any father who would let the child take a nose dive into the concrete, in order to prove the point that you can’t trust someone, would be considered fairly abnormal. Just the same, the concept of friendship offers the same security, to most. At least I would like to believe so! A “friend” will not move aside and watch us take a bite out of concrete. However, as stated in the 1st paragraph, most humans have recollection of the shock and awe of realizing they are ashes, festering in a toilet, getting ready to be subjects of a bombing campaign of their own. We are all wrong every so often. But what if I am wrong when it matters the most. What if You believe a lie? What if the philosophy or ‘ies” that so subtly and carefully are caressing the clay of our ever developping form, are like friend A or friend B. Then what? As a pathological sculptor, these beliefs are getting ready to form one of two works of art. To be continued… This thought process is one of the reasons I am involved in education. I believe there are modern ideologies that have, are and will brutally turn their backs those who espouse them. However, I must approach this subject as someone who believes in friend C, an ideology of hope. A belief system that some people call a crutch, but I more accurately call my life support system.

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