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blog ettiquette and quantum physics i never studied physics, quantum or otherwise, but i've read and watched enough science fiction to know that some things cannot be observed objectively. the very act of observation exerts apon the thing observed some sort of force that changes it. the Heisenberg Uncertainy Principle states that it is impossible to know both the exact position and the exact velocity of an object at the same time. roughly, this is because to measure its position you must effect its velocity, and to measure its velocity you impact its position. i'm sure by now it is very obvious where i'm going here. so you find someone's blog, by googling their name, or through a series of links through friends of friends of friends, lets say. do you let them know you found it? or even more boldly, place a link to it on your own blog? this certainly will effect the future content of the blog, especially if you have a close relationship with the blogger. however, if you do not inform the blogger that you have joined their audience, and they decide to write something directly or indirectly about you, then what effect will that have on your relationship? like in quantum physics, it is impossible to be an impartial observer of a blog. either the blog will effect you in relationship with the blogger, or the blog itself will be effected by the relationship of blogger and observer. so what would you do?

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