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Office Tips In non-house related news, we bring you this time saving organizational tip, fresh from the recent* experience of the author: If you have a desk that is piled dangerously high with papers, you know that you should probably organize them, throw some out, and file others. But if you don't know where to start, or you simply haven't the time or desire to make decisions about which papers are worth saving, I reccomend the following: Spill a large cup of black coffee over the stack of papers. After rescuing your cellular phone and PDA from the flow, run to the rest room to grab some paper towels. When you return, begin mopping up the excess beverage from the desk, trying to save the ergonomic keyboard, and realize that just about everything in your mound of paperwork is now coffee scented. Fueled by urgency and momentary panic, begin the process of pulling papers apart and surveying the damage. The decision of what to keep and what to throw out is now a simple one, which you will make instinctively. Do I really feel like mopping the coffee off this document and saving it in its embrassing, brown stained form? Can it be replaced? Does it even need to be replaced, consdering that it is the agenda for a meeting held two months ago? I don't know about you, but my desk has never been cleaner. My pants, on the other hand.... *how recent? The coffee is still drying on my keyboard as I type.

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