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mission accomplished the closing was successful, if punctuated by humorous displays of awkwardness. i especially enjoyed the exchange between the sellers lawyer and agent. lawyer: "he said he wasn't available Tuesday during closing because he was out of town on a business trip" agent: "he seems to be out of town on business trips a lot" lawyer: "yes, its true" i had already told our agent (not the seller's agent above) the true story of where the seller was. the two versions are very similar, and to turn the lawyer's statement into the truth you would only need to change the phrase "out of town on a business trip" to "in the overnight drunk tank after being arrested for DUI." hardly any difference worth mentioning, really. so our agent and i shared a chuckle, motioning "sshhh" with index fingers over our respective lips. (writers note: i added "respective" as an afterthought, it left too many strange possibilities available without it.) the closing was, in some ways, very anticlimactic. we talked to the loan officer, while the lawyer and processor discussed the fact that the lawyer did not have power of attorney to sign some things, and needed to get some faxed copies of things from Florida, etc. at one point we had to run across the parking lot to the bank to get a cashier's check because we are all out of personal checks (another story). when we returned everybody had left except our agent, and he gave us the keys. end of story. no fanfare, confetti, or dramatic handshake. such a strange feeling for it to have gone through so quietly after all the ups and downs of the last couple months. in like a lion, out like a lamb.

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