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nobody doesn't work like i doesn't work i've got iTunes set on "Party Shuffle," which is a fancy name for random. it shows you which songs it has queued up, in case you want to edit the list ahead of time, and pulls from all the stuff i have saved locally. i've been bringing cd's to work occasionally for 3 years and i usually record them to the hard drive so that i can return them home but still listen at work. the party mix is giving me some really odd pairings of songs. it really keeps you awake to be groovin to Miles Davis's Birth of the Cool and then be thrust sidelong into Johnny Cash singing Danny Boy. Or Sup the Chemist track on DJ Maj's Mix Tape:Full Plates (rap/hiphop) leading right into a traditional bluegrass ballad by The Seldom Scene. my friend patrick mentioned that this would really throw a party for a loop. actual quote: "Yeah! I could just hear about fourty five minutes of thundering techno interrupted with "There's a Tear in my Beer." actually i think that would be pretty cool.

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