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as far as days go as crazy as last thursday was, (read back a little to see the story), friday was excellent. because i had to pull some overnight virus fighting work last weekend, my boss gave me a day off. i spent it doing many productive things, but also many relaxing things as well. started out working on a friends computer. yes, the day i had off from doing that sort of thing for money, i did it for free. there is something more enjoyable about doing stuff for friends...or maybe it just doesnt feel like work because i'm not forced into it? who knows. skateboarded more than once, bit asphalt pretty well trying to make a turn tighter than my current skateboard hardware will allow, but still enjoyed it. the pain is part of the learning, i suppose. it was just too darn nice out, and i so rarely do anything excercise-like anyways. what a great feeling. also managed to get some packing done. for those of you who read the post about all the house stuff from a week or two ago, consider this your update. the seller has accepted all of the stuff we asked for in our bid. he is going to exterminate the WOOD DESTROYING INSECTS at his expense and also repair the structural damage done by said WDI's. also the price has been reduced to account for the other things that i'm going to have to learn to do this summer. well, the day is almost over. my charcoal burnin coleman grill awaits, another beautiful thing about this time of year.

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