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Dear friend, Recently released photos of American soldiers abusing and torturing Iraqi prisoners are provoking a global backlash against our country. We all hope these were the acts of isolated individuals, but Amnesty International is now reporting that that torture and human rights abuses of Iraqi detainees may be occurring routinely. Please join me in calling for an immediate, full, and impartial investigation into all allegations of torture, at: http://www.moveon.org/torture/ Although a few U.S. troops already face punishment for the widely reported abuses, "the theory that these horrific acts were committed by a few renegade soldiers has been undercut by charges that the men and women shown in the pictures were actually working at the direction of military intelligence officers," according to the New York Times. With anti-American violence on the rise in Iraq, and a deadline for handing over Iraqi sovereignty less than 2 months away, we need the support of the world community now more than ever. We especially need to regain the trust of the Iraqi people and their Arab neighbors, as quickly as possible. Please join me in calling for an immediate, impartial investigation, at: http://www.moveon.org/torture/ Thanks.

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