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wow i have around 283 bookmarks in my internet explorer. about 30 of them show up when i click favorites, and the rest get hidden because i haven't viewed them too frequently. funny thing is, there are some websites i visit regularly and probably have bookmarked but i just type in the address, because its faster than using the trackball. i use the Windows key+R to bring up the "run" window, and type in "www.superherohype.com" or whatever. also, because i visit the same sites so regularly, the Run dialog box often will bring up the option i want, and so i just end up typing "www.sup" and then down-arrowing to the first option on this list. often when i'm working on someone elses computer here at the office, they may have an older keyboard with no windows key, and it totally throws me off. i use Windows+R, E, or F pretty regularly. i get all out of rhythm. i could probably clean out 250 or so of these bookmarks, but i never do. generally when i stumble across a new site, i mark it and revisit once or twice, but then it gets hidden by internet explorer for lack of use. the ones i visit regularly are blogs and message boards mainly. i've started putting some of them over to the right side of your screen (yes, you, your screen) for easy reference, so i can start from my blog, and get to a bunch of the places i check daily. it just occured to me to ask the question, "Why am I telling you this?"

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