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long day Its been a long one today, and not even noon. I left my keys at work yesterday, under a reference book and some notes I was working on in my office. When I got home my wife had to come open the carpark gate for me. Then I forgot about them. This morning as I was about to run out the door for my usual barely-on-time arrival at work, I realized that I still did not have my keys. After wasting time wandering the house hoping to run across my housemate's spare set, I decided that I was going to need to get to work. The two inner doors (one wooden, one a metal security gate type thing) would have to remain unlocked, in the middle of Philadelphia. Also, since I couldn't close the outer fence gate without a key, I decided to jump the 7 foot fence, thereby leaving at least one locked door. As I am sitting on top of the fence, swinging my legs over, someone walking by looks up at me. I immediately realize that my activities may qualify as "suspicious behavior" to some people, but he doesn't seem bothered. He was actually the most polite, friendly pedestrian I've met in Philadelphia thus far. He just said "trouble with your lock?" and I said "yes", as I hit the ground. We exchanged pleasantries and "have a nice day"s and went our separate directions. Did I mention that caught my right pant leg on a nail and put a little hole in my corduroys? Well I did. My place of employment is a little over a mile away, and I walk most of the time. I arrive at work at 9: and find my boss, who has a key to my office, because mine are securely locked inside. My intentions are to get my keys, get back home, and lock those doors. The first thing my boss says to me (after Good Morning) is "We have that meeting at 9:30." I thought for sure it was 1:30, but I was wrong. I pour a cup of coffee and attend this meeting, which ends at 10:45. Now I've finally made it home, grabbed my skateboard, locked the doors, exited the house in a civilized fashion, and half walked/half skated (depending on where there is heavy foot traffic or torn-up sidewalk) to work, bought a soda at the cafeteria, answered some email, and written this bloc. And it's now noon. I ought to get some work done.

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