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todays physics lesson Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and objects at rest tend to neglect blogging for weeks on end. Sorry for the delay, people. It seems that the since we are now moved into the house, the urgency we once felt to get major repairs done has been replaced by an urgency to watch the first season of Alias on DVD. Stories, however, are still needing to be told and they sure aint gonna tell themselves. Lets see what I can remember of the pre-move repair work.... After we finished drilling ventilation holes in the side of my house on the Thursday last blogged about below, we once again called upon the serpentine enigma that is fish tape. Not many people know this, but when U2's Bono wrote the song "Mysterious Ways" he had just finished rewiring his house, and was reflecting on this very tool. It only took 90 minutes to get the wire from the Amish room to the basement. Actually, it took 20 minutes to do it incorrectly, 40 to dislodge the wire from the space we had mistakenly passed it through, and then 30 minutes to do it right. I left the wire protruding about 18 inches from the wall, awaiting its new-found purpose as provider of electricity to an air-conditioner for the downstairs. In case you are wondering, and you should be, we still do not have air-conditioning running on the first floor, but that story will come later. The rest of Thursday evening into Friday morning was a blur. I remember painting the ceiling with Patrick until about 4:00AM, but not much else. After that we all went to our respective beds. Friday morning started at 1:30PM, when I awoke Patrick using the time honored "send his 2 year old son in with a harmonica, tell him to play loudly, and close the door" method. We picked up the rental van in Media, to being day one of furniture moving. The van was $15 a day and then a dollar a mile, so we set about trying to find the most direct routes available, to save money. Here are some quick stats for you: Number of trips made on between Philly and Aldan on Friday by Patrick and I in the van: 2 Number of creative "alternate routes" found between old house and new house: 3 Number of times we got lost: 7 Number of times Patrick said "We could go see a movie. The girls will never know": 12 We wore out pretty quickly after two trips of furniture and large items loaded into the cargo van. Half way through the second van-loading from the Philly house, it became apparent that we lacked the energy and passion to continue much further. Our conversations went something like this. Luke: Well, I guess we should load this one next Patrick: Yeah, I think you're right. silence.... crickets chirp in the background... Luke: So...this one...is what we decided...right? Patrick: Yup let's get right on it. more silence.... Patrick: Or we could go see a movie. Every once in a while my wife would call to see if we were still alive. Bridget: Where are you guys now? Luke: We're at the house, moving some big heavy things. Bridget: You've been gone for 3 days. Luke: Really heavy stuff, babe. Gotta go now, bye. Patrick: So...do you want to get this into the van? Luke: Or we could go see a movie. more soon....SOON I tell you.

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