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English: It's not just a language, its a revolution. At the reccomendation of a person who shall, for his protection, be known only as "Jay Lanford" in this blog, we present the following interactive culture-shaping project: FREE THE DICTIONARY - a Language Expansion Effort. Unlike other vocabulary programs, we are not seeking to focus on a central repository of "true" or "accepted" words in our language and inflict that glossary on an unsuspecting public. This outmoded, imperialist approach to the communication arts seeks to force all speakers and writers to bow down at the temple of Merriam Webster, or Oxford, and allows no room for the full expression of human experience to be painted upon the canvas of our understanding. The goal of FTD, ALEE is to free the individual language-user to pursue alternate means of verbal and written communication by viewing vocabulary as a living, growing entity. This paradigm allows for the addition of new "words" or grammatical constructs representing ideas, to spring forth from the collective conciousness as the fruit of sentience. Likewise, out of date and post-useful langauge constructs will be abandoned and pruned from the tree of thought. One could almost say that these old words cease to exist when we cease to use them, or more boldly, that they cease to ever have been at all. It is our desire to document the overflowing bounty of vocabularization by celebrating the emergence of new grammatical truths as being free from the bonds of such fundamentalist ideas such as a "dictionary," which we believe to be nothing but an alphabetized army of phoenetic facism. Our first lexiconical celebrant (or "word" for those still hanging on to the old ways) of the day is Necessitarium. A much needed euphemism for that-place-to-which-all-must-go-yet-few-will-speak-of. It has been spotted in usage such as "Father, please overpull the motorcar, I must pay a visit to the necessitarium, for I have ingested an abundance of cola-flavored product." Using the comments feature below, please express your own freedom of thought and do your part for the expansion of the English vocabularium.

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