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bijuwork1111: hey so i had a question for you... SaintLukas: ok bijuwork1111: if you were in NYC and were walking around Chinatown SaintLukas: which has never happened yet bijuwork1111: lol. and saw a really cheap cologne bijuwork1111: from Tommy Hilgfigure bijuwork1111: sp? bijuwork1111: that you wanted bijuwork1111: (let's just say you wanted it) SaintLukas: is this a piracy question? bijuwork1111: mebbe SaintLukas: lol bijuwork1111: or how bout a shirt that said nike bijuwork1111: from a guy on the street bijuwork1111: or how bout a shirt that said red sox bijuwork1111: ?? SaintLukas: i dont know what the law is on that one...but i Do know what the law is on music bijuwork1111: would you buy it bijuwork1111: ahh, just wondering SaintLukas: or movies that are still in theatres bein available on VHS outside of 30th street SaintLukas: probably not bijuwork1111: well, who wants to hear crowd noise anyway SaintLukas: heheh yeah SaintLukas: some of them can be clean copies stolen from pre-release that they send to newspapers for review, etc SaintLukas: but they are crackin down on that bijuwork1111: who is this mysterious they... SaintLukas: the people that send out the copies to the newspapers SaintLukas: the studios SaintLukas: that are tryin to protect their investment bijuwork1111: and don't forget big brother SaintLukas: my neighbor takes photos, he has $20,000 invested in camera eqipment, and so the stuff is real nice... SaintLukas: he shows me some of his photos online, so i can see his work SaintLukas: and i make prints from those, and sell them on the street for cash, which i keep SaintLukas: what do you think? SaintLukas: it didn't cost him money for me to do that, didnt steal from his house, he still has his photos bijuwork1111: i doubt you could make 20j bijuwork1111: 20k SaintLukas: no, not sayin 20 SaintLukas: any money bijuwork1111: oh then its not worth it SaintLukas: lol what? i'm sayin, is it right for me to do that without his knowledge? SaintLukas: profiting off his labor, to make a couple dollars for myself bijuwork1111: but can you make the 20 k? SaintLukas: what does that have to do with it? SaintLukas: that was just a random number to say that he has invested money and time into his own talent SaintLukas: and i am profiting by having neither money and time spent, or talent bijuwork1111: but why would you attempt it if you can't make money -- like real money, 20K SaintLukas: you are missing the whole point SaintLukas: i didnt say "is this a good business idea" SaintLukas: if i made 100 bux off of just printing and selling some stuff, then its worth my effort, i made a profit bijuwork1111: yeah but then you're dumb, cuz you can be making much more and aren't SaintLukas: you are retarded SaintLukas: and giving me a headache SaintLukas: and avoiding the issue bijuwork1111: have i frustrated you yet? SaintLukas: yep bijuwork1111: i'm working on my skills about trying to sound like a woman SaintLukas: hahah bijuwork1111: has it worked yet? SaintLukas: doin a good job SaintLukas: yeah bijuwork1111: oh man, i'm tearing up here SaintLukas: hahah SaintLukas: you aren't going to answer my question are you? SaintLukas: "but then our kids will never get into a good college, and i need new curtains" bijuwork1111: sorry, had to get up and walk around before i snorted out chocolate SaintLukas: nice bijuwork1111: whew, i think i just gave myself a headache from trying not to laugh bijuwork1111: okay bijuwork1111: whew bijuwork1111: what was the question bijuwork1111: wait, you're having a kid? SaintLukas: no SaintLukas: stop it SaintLukas: damn you SaintLukas: hahahah bijuwork1111: :> bijuwork1111: i'm so good at this SaintLukas: is it morally acceptable for me to make a profit in the way i described? SaintLukas: you'll make a great wife someday, if thats what you were shootin for bijuwork1111: darrn it, need to walk around again bijuwork1111: clear my eyes SaintLukas: when you come back SaintLukas: bring me a sammich, and a beer

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