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Cards for that Slightly Above Average Person in Your Life Tim-bob and I discuss the lack of good "like" cards, for those budding, potential, and taking-it-slow relationships. We're here to help. SaintLukas: "how do i like thee, let me count the ways" SaintLukas: 1. you are nice SaintLukas: 1. TimmyBoom: 1. you're nice. 1a. you're really nice. SaintLukas: i like you more than i like orange juice, but less than i like coffee TimmyBoom: Somehow I don't know that that would be taken well. SaintLukas: well you gotta start slow SaintLukas: set boundaries, etc TimmyBoom: True. It's just a way of pacing things. Good point. SaintLukas: yeah SaintLukas: some day you may like someone even more than coffee SaintLukas: but less than purple skittles TimmyBoom: Gives a list to work up. "Today, I've decided that I like you more than hot dogs, but still not as much as a cheese steak." TimmyBoom: Hah. Right. SaintLukas: totally SaintLukas: cheese steak is darn close to that other l word SaintLukas: lust SaintLukas: i mean SaintLukas: never mind TimmyBoom: You lust after cheese steaks? That's just weird, man. SaintLukas: i need you like a long walk in the park...in other words, i could live without both, but its not quite as much fun. SaintLukas: there needs to be a line of hallmark cards for this sort of thing. "you're ok by me", etc TimmyBoom: "I have no problem with you right now." SaintLukas: "lets be slightly more than just friends, but not too much more. just enough to keep you from dating anyone else, because that would suck." TimmyBoom: Hah SaintLukas: "i want to have that awkward moment where our hands brushed by eachother as we were walking, and we almost held hands" SaintLukas: "gazelles! gazelles!" TimmyBoom: "Remember that time you accidentally touched my leg? I do." SaintLukas: awesome! SaintLukas: "thanks for not being a jerk" SaintLukas: "i like you in a way that i dont usually like people. i mean, my friends are cool and all, but come on"SaintLukas: "i never thought i could like again, but you showed me i was wrong, when you almost called that night" SaintLukas: "you're the best girl i've never dated" SaintLukas: "i've got a list of everything i'm looking for in a woman. please read it and see what you can do to change" SaintLukas: the like we share is almost recognizeable TimmyBoom: I haven't felt this way in over a year. SaintLukas: "this seems to be workin out well enough" SaintLukas: i've been in far worse quasi-relationships than this one TimmyBoom: If we had a relationship, it'd be going really well, I think. SaintLukas: i've never liked anyone as much as i like you, without it getting really messy and painful TimmyBoom: I can't wait till we're dating so that we can break up and then get back together. SaintLukas: i feel like i've gained so much in knowing you, considering the minimal initial investment TimmyBoom: Since I pay for everything, doesn't that basically mean we're together? SaintLukas: can i tell my roommate that we're dating, so he'll stop hitting on me? TimmyBoom: Can I tell my roommate that we're not dating, so he won't hit on you? SaintLukas: what? SaintLukas: isnt that the other way around? TimmyBoom: Irony. SaintLukas: "now, about that green card we discussed" TimmyBoom: "You can call me Bambi if I can call you Flower." SaintLukas: remember how i said "friends, with benefits?" well, i need you to fill out these insurance forms and schedule your paid time off SaintLukas: my like is like a yellow, yellow dandilion TimmyBoom: "What color should the kitchen cabinets be?" SaintLukas: i declare my faithfulness to you for an indeterminate length of time, within reason SaintLukas: "you're nicer than most girls i know, and i know some real nice girls" TimmyBoom: When I introduce you to my parents, you'll know we're at the level where I'm completely unsure of my own feelings so I'm trying to get help from any willing third party. SaintLukas: i'm sorry, i dont get infatuated until the 2nd date SaintLukas: "i love the awkward silence after we watch a romantic comedy, and the way you remember that you need to be somewhere else." TimmyBoom: I couldn't help but stare at your face last night. Has that zit popped yet? TimmyBoom: "I wish I could go back to when our relationship was 'no strings attached' and I had no real commitments.... oh wait, no, I'm good." SaintLukas: "Its not that I'm not ready for a commitment, I'm just not sure if I'm ready for one with you" SaintLukas: "The way you always run off right when we are settling in on the couch makes me think 'You better be have a crime fighting alter ego, or I'm going to be very offended'" TimmyBoom: Our goodbye last night was just like in the movies, especially when you slammed the door in my face. TimmyBoom: "What's the worse that could happen? You become too invested and I end up breaking your heart. It's worth a shot." SaintLukas: "I almost want to ask if I could maybe, if its not too forward, set my elbow on the same movie-theatre armrest that your elbow is so delicately resting on" SaintLukas: "I've had my heart broken before, but I didn't go down without a fight" TimmyBoom: "If someone asks, should I say I'm taken... or just on layaway?" SaintLukas: "i've been turned down by uglier girls than you." TimmyBoom: "I promise I'll never leave you, just as long as you promise to never get a restraining order." SaintLukas: forever sounds so...permanent, but i'm free for the next few weeks SaintLukas: just so we're clear up front: if things dont work out, what's your position on my dating your sister? TimmyBoom: "You'll never know how much I care for you, and that's by design." SaintLukas: "I had a great time tonight, you're a wonderful dancer, but lets see how you do in the swimsuit competition, and the feats of strength contest." TimmyBoom: I'm not saying I get bored easily, but... ooh! Seinfeld's on, gotta go." SaintLukas: "I bought you this card because I'm too chicken to say anything meaningful on my own" SaintLukas: "There are no words to describe my feelings for you. Well, there are words, but I'm not sure how to spell them." TimmyBoom: If you ever wonder just how much I love you... could you wait until we're on AIM later to ask me? SaintLukas: "I'm not afraid to introduce you to my parents, I'm afraid of what they'll say after you're gone" TimmyBoom: It's not because I don't think my parents won't like your personality, it's just that they're huge racists. SaintLukas: "I like you and all, but hey, i've got a reputation to consider here" SaintLukas: Hey, in some cultures the chicken is a revered and noble animal! TimmyBoom: "You couldn't possibly be worse than my brother's wife, and they pretend to love her." SaintLukas: Lots of dumber people than us have kids. How hard could it be? SaintLukas: The last relationship I was in didn't last because I'm intimidated by women smarter than me. But I feel comfortable around you. TimmyBoom: I really wanted to hold your hand, but then I remembered that my 2nd grade teacher said that's how babies are made. SaintLukas: I know your friends think you're too good for me, but they don't realize how good I really am.

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