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Home Depot Update You'll be relieved to know that even though I haven't written about them in a long time, there are still plent of humorous things going on at the Home Depot. Last night, while stopping in for some charcoal (the price has gone up by $2, but its still the best deal around) and some smoke wood (hickory), I attempted to buy some new lids for our outdoor trash barrels. One of the lids to our cans has been long gone, blown away or stolen as it was haphazardly thrown around by the garbage collectors, and the other has a 6 inch hole in the top that was apparantly caused by squirrels. I'm not sure how the squirrels originally broke through, they must have a little squirrel-awl or a squirrel-corkscrew to make a little hole, before they chewed around and widened it. In any case, we have one barrel without a lid, and one with squirrel-door access in it. So I was at the depot, and I asked the friendly lady walking by how much a trashcan lid cost. "How much for just the lid?" "You can't buy just the lid" "But I need a new lid" "You have to buy a can, the lids are free with them" "But if I buy another trashcan, I'll still have more cans then lids, it doesnt even anything out" "But if we let you buy a lid, then we'll have more trashcans then we have lids" "But you can order more, you're the Home Depot!" (shrugs, smiles)

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