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Well...we're home, as you've gathered. I plan on having a lot of writing to do about parenthood, babyhood, and all the other hoods, but quite frankly I'm not feeling up to it yet. Besides, all my best jokes this week have been quite unrepeatable to anyone with the exception of my wife, since most of them refer to baby and mother type activities. The best I could come up with is a rough draft for my first childrens book/song. Try it out on your kids and if they go cross-eyed or start to smell funny, let me know. A is for Arkansas B is for Baklava C is for Cha Cha Cha D is for Dingalingalingalingaling E is for Exoskeleton F is for Franco-American G is for Geriontologist H is for Hidehidehidehi I is for Ichthyology J is for Journal of Psychology K is for Krispy Kreme L is for Lamalamadingdong M is for Macrobiotic N is for Neurotic O is for Optimistic P is for Pee Q is for Quixote R is for Rigoletto S is for Sanguine T is for Toodeloo U is for Uvula V is for Vanagon W is for Wax Museum X is for Ten Y is for Yetti and Z is for Zimbabwe

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