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7 Short Fiction Pieces If any of these strike you as interesting, let me know. I'm considering taking one or two of them and developing the stories. 1. One time I found myself at work without any pants, but I wasnt worried because I had had this dream before, and I also knw that lots of people dream this, so I just kept walking around, waiting to see what would happen. Turned out it wasnt a dream after all. 2. He said "Easy for you to say." And it was easy for me to say. 3. He always wondered if the men who built these railroad tracks ever rode the train through Philadelphia. And if they did, did they remember stories of what happened to who at certain bridges and stations? Are their sons proud to ride the train on a track built by the sweat of their fathers? He wondered these things often, but never told anyone. 4. "Who do you think you are, some kind of hero?" "No, ma'am, I'm just a truck driver. That lil' feller over there does all the real work." 5. "So many of the really good things I could say right now have been used up, so I thought I better come right over and start talking before the last ones are gone." 6. If the tongue is a double-edge sword, then he is Samurai. 7. Fictional/Haiku is only/Going to/Get you in trouble/So quit it.

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