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posted this to http://www.ncdsa.com/ this morning... woah...roadrash is better than coffee for clearin the ol' mental cobwebs at 6:15AM. rode in on the nice pre-pedestrian sidewalk, stuck my wheels in a 3inch gap between concrete sections that looked smaller from farther away. Little rip in the khaki cargo pants, below the knee, and i'm thinkin about patenting the Luke Stevens Elbow Drag braking move...nice thing about quiet times on the road is the during the look-over-your-shoulder-and-see-who-saw-that trick, no one was around to laugh...i had just started the good part of the ride, and its been a few weeks since i've had a chance, so I got up and rode the rest of the way to work. Not bleeding enough to drip on the work clothes, just that road rash red cross-hatch...i sit at a desk, no meetings today, so might not even need the wife to bring in a new pair of cargos... might still get some coffee out of habit, but man i'm awake....and still smilin, at that. fall weather riding is gonna be sweet.

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