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blog ettiquette and quantum physics chapter two someone asked me to explain a little further my connection between the Heisenberg Uncertainy Principle and blogging, so here you go. the idea, or one of the ideas, in quantum physics as i understand it, is that somethings can not be observed without being impacted. with sub-atomic particles it is seen with measuring velocity or location, where the measurment of one impacts the other. this is, i believe, because measurment of a tiny particle's location is achieved by bouncing other particles off it, thereby causing it to move or changing its speed. likewise, in the blogosphere, one cannot easily become an objective, detached observer without exerting some sort of impact on the blog, the blogger, or oneself. a commenter, or even someone who links back to the blog, has come to the attention of the blogger by their activity, and therefore is registered as a part of the audience in the mind of the blogger. a lurker (one who reads but does not register his/her presence) might avoid these overt influences, but instead will choose to be impacted himself/herself by things written, possibly about said lurker, since the blogger has no need to consider that person as a possible audience member. certainly we all say things in some company that we might not say in others, or have been overheard talking about someone we thought was not in the vicinity. there is no real passive participation, no objective viewpoint to take on a blog, without some influence being transfered. my goodness, i think i just invented postmodernism.

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