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my brother and i have been exchanging haiku this week. here are some of them, in chronological order. key: him me Luke asks me about the haiku, have I written? No, not until now. a haiku a day will keep the doctor away that is what they say Who are they that say A haiku keeps the doctor away? Are they nuts? verily, they are. nuttier than a fruit cake or a snickers bar. Oh! Snickers, how sweet! That is my favorite bar! Tasty nuts and stuff! do not let the thread of emailing haiku evaporate now internet! puppets! a show scripted in haiku is just what we need Truly it is good The world would be better eh? With puppet poems? verily, truly and even absolutely you do speak the truth sometimes, do you feel like a nut, and other times you dont. whats the deal? And what's the deal with airline peanuts? 3 nuts are a snack? No way d00d. grape nuts: but no grapes! and also, no nuts either. what is the deal, huh? fake seinfeld haiku might just be the pinnacle of the haiku art Some of these are good For a puppet show, you think? Puppet haiku show! puppet haiku show show of puppets and haiku haiku puppet show! The end of the day It comes, but always too late I'll see ya later Man, the morning sux I wish I was still asleep back home in my bed. spiderman boxers are what i'm wearing today Marvel girds my loins! but yes, it is sleep that i would rather do now than sit at this desk (a non-poetic argument about Chinese food reverted to Haiku) crab rangoon oral torture, not for eating. oh, the crab rangoon! why do you taste so nasty? depart from my plate! Don't make me break into long winded prose! i dare you prose away, prose on chicken face. Oh Rangoon, oh crabbiest of Rangoon. Glow like the moon! Oh creamiest of the dinner pastries, none accompany duck sauce so well! Miracle of orient, treasure of the American frontier, truly a blessing of the dinner time. Great is the taste of the Rangoon, it cannot be summed up in a simple haiku! Greater than entrées that are much bigger than you! my egg roll simple elegance from the east Ah egg roll wrappers Ruby food makes their rangoons With egg roll wrappers tis not the wrapper to which my pallet objects but the soft innards

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