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TimmyBoom: I shall undertake this mission forthwith. SaintLukas: carry on SaintLukas: my wayward tim TimmyBoom: Wow. High randomness points on that one. SaintLukas: cha-ching SaintLukas: chachi, and the fonze TimmyBoom: Ahhh. Scott Bayo. The man, the myth, the charles in charge. SaintLukas: who wins in a fight: scott bayo as charles, or Tony Danza in Whos the Boss? SaintLukas: the winner gets Alyssa Milano TimmyBoom: Well, I'd say Scott, because Willy Ames has his back. (And he's Bible Man.) SaintLukas: oh man SaintLukas: i bet Danza takes 'em all out SaintLukas: because Bible Man is gay. SaintLukas: and he gets Andy Kauffman as his tag-guy. TimmyBoom: Hah. In the non-biblical sense? SaintLukas: since they were both in Taxi SaintLukas: in the non-sense TimmyBoom: Oooh. What about Pastor Jim/Christopher Llyod? He could rival Bible Man. SaintLukas: come on SaintLukas: liam could rival bible man SaintLukas: (crawford, not neeson, but him too) TimmyBoom: Hah. True. Liam could rival Liam Neeson too. SaintLukas: oh yeah SaintLukas: and Liam Gallagher SaintLukas: and Noel Gallagher, and Gallagher, the watermelon smashing guy TimmyBoom: What about Gallagher 2? SaintLukas: ok man: Gallagher to Kevin Bacon, you need a challenge TimmyBoom: I don't think Gallagher was ever in anything but Gallagher specials. SaintLukas: thats your problem TimmyBoom: Cripes

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