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exciting life Tomorrow I will catch a 6:30AM flight, which will deposit me in Chicago, at Ohare airport at 7:49. From there I will take the airport shuttle to the Chicago Hilton to attend a day of the EDIS annual conference, which for me consists primarily of collecting fliers and propganda from other Emergency Medicine software vendors, and chatting up the salespeople, trying to convince them that I am a potential buyer, and not just a programmer collecting ideas, so that they'll talk to me about the great points of their software. I'm not a competition threat, as we only build software for our own hospital system, but as there are plenty of other vendors out there, they certainly dont want to be wasting time telling their stories to someone who is 90% likely to not ever become a buyer. Anyway...I just found out that they are closing the showroom floor after an hour and 45 minuts tomorrow, so I'll be forced to attend a couple of seminars which may or may not be interesting and useful, at which time I will take a shuttle back to the airport, to board a 7:40 flight home, arriving in Philadelphia at 10:41. I'm thinking about wearing a suitcoat just because 1 day round trip flights make me feel all business-like.

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