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i used to blog In an attempt to remedy the lack of blogging as of late, I'll try and give you some bullet point updates. 1. I'm not drinking enough tea this week. After an increased tea intake, busyness has kept me away from my pot for too long. The chinese green that Dr. DeRoos gave me is my recent favorite, still. Few things calm me down and help me focus than sitting over a wide cup of that tea, watching the leaves unfold and settle to the bottom. I don't like to talk to anyone while I'm drinking it, I dont try to multitask and get more reading or work done at the same time, its fifteen minutes of solitude that has a profound impact on my mental well-being. I'm long overdue for that, maybe this afternoon when I'm home before class I'll be able to steal away for a few. 2. I found another nutworm in my pistachios today. You can spot them by the cobweb type substance on the outside of the nut. I tried to open it up and take a picture, but the worm crumbled as I was seperating it from the nut itself, and is hardly recognizable now. I was going to email the kind folks at Trader Joes to let them know, but they have no email address on their website, oddly enough. 3. I've been reading more poetry lately, which is a very good thing. About.com has a subscription service where they email me a poem by a famous author every morning. I am just now really discovering the work of authors that countless other less Philistine people have doubtless been enjoying for years. Its all new to me. I'm blown away by Emily Dickinson, William Wordsworth, William Blake, Robert Burns, and others. I reccomend that everyone who doesn't do so should read more poetry. You can start, as I am, here. 4. I'm excited for baseball season to start, its a lovely time of year. I just found out that Wilmington's Advanced-A minor league team is a Red Sox affiliate, and is rumored to be a good place to see a game. I'll have to check it out. 5. I am still coming to grips, in a good way, with the prospect of Fatherhood. It seems like such a huge thing, an awesome thing. I can hardly wait, I'm excited. There is so much I want to do with a daughter or son. Thats enough for now.

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