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Because you looked worried Because you looked worried I thought I'd let you know that we are still here at the DoubleTree. Apparantly the solution that the folks back at the home office came up with was to put the room on our business manager's personal credit card. Colleen let me know that it wasn't my imagination, I really didn't get the information that we were supposed to be paying for the room, so at least I feel like I didn't forget anything I was told. The training class has been good. The instructor is a good guy, a little older, with a lot of experience, an outgoing easy manner, and a laugh like Roscoe P. Coltrane. He is very patient and willing to look at why my program, which my partner and I have modified and improved to the point of disfunction. We are halfway through the classes, and I'm looking forward to the next set. Last night we took the subway down to the village to meet Kenny and Erika. This was a long, painful endeavour involving being at the wrong subway stations, on the wrong streets, and ending up at the wrong Union Station on the wrong 14th avenue and walking in the wrong direction. But the food at ArtePasta was good, and the coconut sorbet at the place down the street was good, and the company was great, and the subway ride back to Times Square was much more direct and didn't involve 20 minutes of walking and a taxicab ride born of desparation. This evening we'll probably stay in the room and watch a ballgame on tv, while trying not to think about all the madness and responsibility that will no doubt still be there for us when we return home. The training/vacation model is a good one. Bridget sleeps till 11 while I am in class, then she meets me for lunch and hangs out at the hotel for the evening. I'm back with her by 4:45PM and we have a full length evening to fill with whatever excitement we can muster, or whatever quiet we can savor. Speaking of lunch, yesterday we went to Rupert Jee's Hello Deli, of David Letterman fame. Rupert himself took our order and our money. We didn't attempt any celebrity talk, because there was a steady stream of people stopping by to take his picture and ask questions. We did sit at the one table in the deli eating our sandwiches and listen to him very politely answer people, make small talk, and play celebrity, all while still running his business, looking for lids for the soup containers, and doing the hands-on work. He seems pretty much exactly like you see on television, unflappable very tolerant of the madness around him, be it touristing customers or Letterman's antics. We also recognized one of the Late Show crew whose name eludes us both, but does some bits on the show. Today walking around the same area, near the building my class is in, we saw Biff Henderson also. That's all for now, and its much more than you asked for, but you looked worried.

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