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Family Business, by special guest bloggers I'm happy to feature two guests to the blog, today. In order of appearance: Julie Kunst, aunt of the impending offspring, and my wife Bridget, host to the same. Dear niece/nephew, Soon you will be welcomed into this world so I want us to start getting more acquainted. You should be aware of the one rule I have for you and Alexia: I am your favorite aunt, regardless of what your other relatives may tell you. It's going to be hard for us to see each other a lot so I expect that when you're old enough to talk you'll convince your mom and dad to move closer to me. I know that you got a lot of presents this past weekend so you'll have to let me know what important things you still need. I'll make sure I don't buy any outfits that you'll look silly in-there's nothing worse than a silly outfit! Don't be sad if we don't meet immediately after you're born. You've given no guarantees on a Birthday yet so I'll have to wait and then book a flight down to see you. I'll try to bring you a b-day cake but remember I live far away and it might not taste the same by the time it gets to you. Of course you'll be eating everything second hand anyway so it shouldn't make a difference. On the subject of names: I have heard Kermit coming up in conversation. You must rebel at all costs against this one, I cannot stress this enough!! They get to choose the name you'll have for the rest of your life, don't let them go crazy. Just keep crying when they say your name if you don't like it, they'll get the hint eventually. Okay, I don't want to overwhelm you so that's all I'm going to write for now. There's a lot to learn when you're first born but don't be scared, I'm coming down to help you out. Lots of love from Aunty (the #1 aunt. don't forget that!) Dear auntie: don't worry, mommy already promised me I would not be named Kermit. She says she'll have the dr's give daddy an epidural if he insists on the name during delivery. On the other hand, I am not totally sure mom and dad have a final name for me, so I am a little nervous, but they seem pretty smart, so hopefully they will figure it out soon. The dr looked at me the other day with what mom called an ultrasound. All I know is they push on me a lot and take pictures and measure my bones and head. Theythink I weigh 5 lbs 13 oz, but maybe a pound more or less. I think its rude to talk about my weight, I am not done growing yet and at the rate mom is sending me Snickers I'm likely to fatten up nicely. The dr said Iwon't be 9 lbs, and mommy was very happy. I don't see why, 9 lbs is a good solid weight. The other dr checked mom out on tuesday. He noticedthat I am all nice and snug in mom's tummy and not even close to coming out yet. I made a deal with the womb not to contract yet, so I can stay in here awhile longer. I don't see any reason to do all that work of being born, besides its only week 36, and I still have a little room. Mom says I don't but she can't see in here. She gets cranky when I use my foot to explore her ribs. But she is happy that I moved my head down. I was proud about that. Well, daddy is having a baby shower at work today, soI don't know what I need yet. I think I will need more cloth diapers. Mom bought me really cool ones, but not quite enough since I plan on being very prolific in the pee and poo area of life. Mom will have to tell you when she knows more later. Right now I feel like napping. I got my excercise when mom woke up this morning. Thanks for the introduction auntie! Love, baby

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