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instant messaging as performance art had the following conversation with my friend jason this morning...started last night when he said he had to go get milk, and i asked if he was getting it from the store or the barn. he informed me that the cow lives in the garage, and they hope to build a barn next year perhaps. screennames have been changed to protect the participants. this morning's update: Me: how's bessy? Him: oh she is good. got herself into a bit f bind. i had her organizing the back of the garage..where i keep all my tools and stuff. she keeps mixing up the drywall screws with finishing nail. Him: really torques me. Him: you'd think one of god's creatures would be a bit smarter. Him: butno Me: hahah. you can't teach an old cow new tricks, dude Him: so i have heard. Me: so you have herd Me: moooo Him: i left a mcDonald's big mac wrapper nect to her feed bag this morning so she has somethin to think about thru the day Me: ouch!

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