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TimmyBoom: How're the new peripherals working out? SaintLukas: horrible TimmyBoom: I should think so. The trackball looks wretched. SaintLukas: it is SaintLukas: i need a better pic, but its wretched TimmyBoom: Does it help if I tell you the logitech one we have here is great? SaintLukas: and i cant reassign the buttons, because the M$ software that required 2 reboots to install CRASHES everytime i try and change the settings TimmyBoom: Hmmm. How.... microsoft. SaintLukas: yeah TimmyBoom: Bill Gates is such a bad antichrist. He'll never get everyone to love him with all those error messages. SaintLukas: but the mouse, the $60 "laser" mouse, keeps hanging up...not responding...like the surface is too shiny or something TimmyBoom: Hmmm. So it's an all around bust, then. Cool. SaintLukas: yeah i've got a mess of work thats due monday, and i totally lack motivation, because everything i do is uncomfortable, and causes my hands to sieze up in CTS fits TimmyBoom: That bad? Are you going to be a surgery candidate? SaintLukas: i hope not SaintLukas: i'm gonna try the old trackball again, just in case it got miraculously healed, stand by SaintLukas: holy cow! it lives! TimmyBoom: Hah. SaintLukas: i tried 3 times yesterday, cleaning, plugging it back in, reinstalling, but the horizontal axis was busted TimmyBoom: It's a miiiiracle. SaintLukas: this changes everything TimmyBoom: If life was a musical, I bet you'd be doing a little number right about now, eh? SaintLukas: now to reinstall its software, that microsoft uninstalled for its own TB SaintLukas: absolutely SaintLukas: kids, christmas is back on! TimmyBoom: Hah. Yaaaaay! SaintLukas: now what am i gonna do with the $100 worth of crap i bought yesterday? SaintLukas: i guess i'll give them to co-workers when they need spares, which is frequently TimmyBoom: And look like a hero.

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