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Goodbye Camera Phone? It looks like I'm going to lose my beloved picture phone shortly. We wanted to change cell phone plans, now that ATT Wireless, our carrier of almost 5 years, has been swallowed by the dreaded Cingular Wireless. Apparantly the networks are different, and we will need to get new phones. They have, as usual, an assortment of free and cheap cellphones available, but none of them include cameras or bluetooth or infrared, or any other build in way of transfering data (ie a ton of numbers) into them. Considering that it was just a year ago that I signed a new 2 year contract, AND paid a bunch of extra cash to get a nicer phone with those features, I'm not at all pleased with the options here. Either shell out more money, when my current phone is still my favorite (and I dont even like any of the new more expensive ones), or take a free, crappy cheap phone and live without the camera, and hand enter all that information. Probably the free one is the way we need to go, but I'm not happy about it. If I am able to upgrade our digital camera before baby-time in August, as I hope to, maybe I'll take the old one around for frivolous pictureblogging eventually. Maybe I'll just keep this phone in my bag for a cheap low-res camera with bluetooth, and not make calls on it.

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