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Confession Ok, I'll admit it. I'm concerned about the new season of Alias next week, and I'm starting to wonder...when was the last time I didn't think the show was being written by guys who just make up stuff as the go along, rather than plotting a course for the show? I think that all the fans of the show, of which my family is counted, tend to love it for what it could be, even in the face of what it may have already become. I read this bit below and realized its all true. "I don't think much of the story we've seen so far was setup for the new Vaughn story. Here's how I figure we got here: Season 1 - JJ & co. have a blast with the is-Jack-bad-or-good story line, setting eveything up masterfully to introduce Mom as the villain with the big reveal at the end. Sloane is a deliciously creepy bad guy. They tap a few kegs at the end of the season and start planning the how-bad-is-Mom-really story line Season 2 - They are kind of having fun but are tired of Sydney almost getting caught and the moon eyes between Syd and Vaughn so they create the mid-season reveal - Sloane turns into the uber-villain and Mom seems to be on his side, maybe. Near the end of the season, they start to realize that that they risk Sloane turning into a cartoon and that Jack, Syd, and Sloane in the same room had a magic dynamic but can't happen with the current story line. They decide that they have to fast forward 2 years and set Sloane up with a pardon that everyone believes except Syd and Jack but for it to have ever happened, the Bristows needed to be out of the picture for those two years. Bradley Cooper is sick of his role so it's easy to set up that weird season finale without thinking it through too much. Convinced they are geniuses, JJ & co break out the champagne. Season 3 - In addition to the fantastic story line I'm sure they had for Sloane, they decide to reintroduce angst between Vaughn and Syd by producing a wife that we would all sympathize with and be as torn as Vaughn about what he should do. Syd will be a tad distracted from Sloane's BIG story, just enough to let his new evil plot come closer to succeeding. Instead of viewers being intrigued with this new development, all anyone can focus on is Lauren's eyebrows and that Lena Olin won't return phone messages. Stories are hastily rewritten to make Lauren a bad guy that is eventually vanquished by Vaughn. Drinking starts midseason and it's not champagne. Visions of starting all over again on a desert island dance through JJ's head. Season 4 - The wheels are truly coming off the wagon so they decide to make Sloane good, we think. Well, except for the pounding of that one guy to a bloody pulp. Vaughn and Syd are back together just in time to coincide with the actors themselves breaking up and Lena Olin comes back, but not for long enough to make anyone really happy. At least the whole desert island thing seems to be working. No one can figure out a decent cliff hanger, by this time it's more than just drinking to get through script reviews and somebody's drug-induced joke about Vaughn not being Vaughn and then getting hit by a car actually makes it into the plan. JJ in the corner trying to figure out what's in the hatch.... " In other news, we watched Lost for the first time last night. We had heard how good it was but didnt want to jump in mid-season. They had a one hour recap for the noobs, so we taped it Wednesday and jumped in. We're pretty much instantly hooked. I'm worried, because of my Alias experience, that they are gonna just start throwing wackiness at the show without actually bringing it to a rational end, but there is evidence to the contrary, also.

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