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saintlukas: in a section on intubation and airway, after "intubated by", what would "Cric By" refer to? saintlukas: criticizing the intubtation? saintlukas: lost points on the dismount, 8.4 TimmyBoom: Crichothyrotomy. If the airway is blocked, making an incision in the chricothyroid membrane and introducing the tube into the trachea through that hole. saintlukas: lovely saintlukas: glad i asked TimmyBoom: Hah. TimmyBoom: We learned it using a pig trachea covered with chicken skin stapled to a plank of wood. Good times. saintlukas: oh my goodness TimmyBoom: Yeah. It's as awesome as it sounds. saintlukas: so are you good at it? TimmyBoom: One can only speculate, as our medical director thinks it's too invasive a procedure for us to handle and so doesn't allow it. saintlukas: oh shucks

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