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Bono and Daniel Lanois - Falling at Your Feet Every chip from every cup Every promise given up Every reason that's not enough Is falling, falling at your feet Every band elastic limit Every race when there's nothing in it Every winner that's lost a ticket Is falling, falling at your feet I've come crawling, falling at your feet Everyone who needs a friend Every life that has no end Every knee not ready to bend Is falling, falling at your feet I've come crawling, now I'm falling at your feet All fall down (All the manic dazed faces that you pull) All fall down (All the action is not under your control) All fall down (The graffiti rolling down off of your tongue) All fall down (And the compromise you make for some) Every teenager with acne Every face that's spoiled by beauty Every adult tamed by duty They're all falling at your feet Every foot in every face Every cop's stop who finds the grace Every prisioner in the maze Every hand that needs an ace Is falling, falling at your feet I've come crawling, and I'm falling at your feet (All fall down) All the books you never read (All fall down) Just started (All fall down) All the meals you rushed (All fall down) Never tasted Every eye closed by a bruise Every player who just can't lose Every pop star howling abuse Every drunk back on the booze All falling at your feet Oh I'm falling at your feet (All fall down) All the information (All fall down) All the big ideas (All fall down) All the radio waves (All fall down) Electronic seas (All fall down) How to navigate (All fall down) How to simply be (All fall down) To know when to wait (All fall down) This plain simplicity (All fall down) In whom shall I trust (All fall down) How might I be still (All fall down) Teach me to surrender (All fall down) Not my will, thy will ---from the Million Dollar Hotel Soundtrack

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