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AM oh man...i am not a morning person. i have a coffee machine with an alarm clock on it, which i have been using to get myself out of bed. i will lay in bed thinking "i could sleep another 30 minutes, but then the coffee will have been on the burner for 30 minutes, and it will certainly not taste as good as it does now." this almost always works, especially since the office here has changed coffee brands to something that more or less resembles motor oil. today something strange happened though. i have a vague, dreamlike recollection of turning the alarm clock off, although in this dream/memory i didn't notice the alarm actually ringing. i just reached up and turned it off. i should note at this point that it's not unusual for me to do things in a quasi-unconcious state. often large segments of my work day will be spent in this way. but as it turns out, i did in fact turn the alarm clock off at 7:00 before i realized that it was signaling for me to rise and begin my first coffee break of the day. i awoke at 10:00, and relied on the panic and adrenaline rush best personified by alice's white rabbit to get myself modestly clothed and onto a bus. I was at work by 10:30.

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