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baby its cold outside It was so cold out today, with the windchill approaching zero, that the layer of moisture covering my eyes actually froze. The interesting part is that the thickness of the ice layer created the perfect prescription for contact lenses for me, and all of a sudden I began to see things much clearer. I have never been able to get the right prescription for lenses, so naturally I was elated and did not want to miss the opportunity. I planned to remove the icy layer, and have them cast for a mold to create actual contacts. Unfortunately, the heat blowers will in full force in the breezeway entrance to my office building, and the lenses melted immediately. Maybe tomorrow... It could have been worse. My friend had an eyeball actually freeze and shatter on him. His insurance doesn't cover glass replacement eyes so he had to get an artist friend to paint an eye on a Spalding ping-pong ball. He sorta looks like the mutant son of Kermit the Frog now.

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