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cry for help I saw a local bus go by just now with it's destintation sign flashing "EMERGENCY" and "CALL 911". Does this mean someone on the bus is in need of help and the bus can't stop, similar to the movie Speed with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock? Or was this merely a public safety announcement to let us know that in case of emergencies, 911 is the appropriate number to call, and not the bus station? There were no passengers on this bus, just a driver. Perhaps the bus has been stolen and the sign was set accordingly from the home office. I didn't call 911...maybe I should have. I panicked, I couldn't tell if that's really what they wanted or not. I'm sure the 911 operators get plenty of prank calls in an average day, from people who see "Call 911" on the sides of police cruisers, or other places. So now all that's left is to watch the news for reports of a stolen LUCY bus and hope that nothing happened as a result of my inaction. This must have been how Spider-Man felt when he let that robber escape before he realized that With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. Only in my case the power is a Nokia 3650 and not super-strength or the ability to scale walls. I'd settle for the ability to scale two flights of stairs without being out of breath. Which brings me to another issue altogether. My wife and I started a new diet last week, and remembered that our scale wasn't functioning. Saturday we bought a shiny new digital scale at BJ's Wholesale Club. Well, I'm pretty sure that the $30 we spent on this spring-loaded lard-o-meter has gone to waste. According to this scale, I weigh the same amount as I did when I last finished the Atkins diet 2 years ago. This number seems to be anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds low by my estimation, although I suppose it's remotely possible. Remotely, I say. Sure, I can still fit into the new pants I bought last year, but it just doesn't seem likely. I think B. is going to go have the school nurse in the place she teaches weigh her this week, just for comparison, as her numbers are equally optimistic. We shall see.

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