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i drive in the carpool tunnel or socks on my hands I wear socks on my hands. It's true. Hanes brand socks with the toes cut out, and a little hole for my thumb, which I wear underneath my wrist splints. Like socks worn anywhere else on the body, they tend to absorb sweat, and so my socks are in the laundry today. Unfortunately I forgot to cut holes in another pair of backup socks, so I have nothing to wear under my splints. Today's question: Is it better to wear the splints, to control the pain and worsening of CTS, sans socks, or to go without? I can only imagine that the plasticy hard foam stuff the splints are made from will be more than a little sweaty at days end, that is why I wear the socks in the first place. Maybe I can find someone in the ER to give me some gauze or some of that cloth meshy sleeve stuff they put under casts. That is what the PT who fit my splints gave me, but she reccomended using socks after that.

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