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Dont Leave Home Without It So on the train today, which was about one hour late, I had a great little line for a tune in my head. I have been carrying a pocket size Moleskine notebook with staff lines for moments such as this, but today I seem to have left it in the car or the house somewhere. For about two hours, as I trained, and then began work, I've been carrying it in my head, fleshing out the minor key harmonies and the arragement for violin, accordion, and guitar or mandolin. Approximately 10 minutes ago, right before I finally had time to sit at my computer and print out a sheet of staff paper to jot it down on, I realized that I have forgotten it. Entirely. Argh. I recall that its in 6/4 time, slow, minor, irish sounding, and I remember the chord changes, the way the second instrument echoes the first, but the melodody is entirely gone from me. Thats what I get for forgetting my notebook I guess.

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