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pirates of the interweb someone told me that they used to be anti-filesharing or anti-music-copying before, but now its sorta snuck up on them... not to be preachy or anything, but if you're reading this you obviously have volunteered to be exposed to some of my thoughts. 1. i am not a professional musician, but i do enjoy playing, and on rare occasions recording music. i understand and respect that this craft takes many hours of discipline, practice, and plain old hard work. not just to master ones music, but the recording process as well. there are many people involved in a quality recording, and not all of them are the folks you see on MTV or your media outlet of choice. all of those people deserve to be paid for their work. 2. i am, by trade, a software designer and programmer. i arrange, in my own fashion, ones and zeroes into patterns for the purpose of recording, analyzing, and transporting information. i am aware that in digital media infinite reproductions of said ones and zeroes are possible without loss of quality, and that this can happen at no actual or labor cost to the source. 3. however, if someone was to take software that i have worked 200+ hours on, and begin giving it to all their friends for free, i would definitely feel that my ability to market said software was being hindered. 4. i've gotta say it: stealing from the rich who "have enough" is still stealing. 5. chances are that many of the people who are being paid to work on most albums are not millionaires, they are workin folk like you or i. now that i've gotten that out of my system, i'll try and come up with something witty and entertaining for this afternoons reading.

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